Asian Women Lone Parents Association’s vision is to:
“enable all Asian women lone parents to have all the tools and support they require in order to be full participants in society, with access to the widest range of education, health, employment, and cultural opportunities.”

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Asian Women Lone Parents Association’s mission statement is:
“…to support Asian lone parent women in health, education, social and cultural aspects to enable their full participation in society.”


Asian Women Lone Parents Association’s charitable objective is:
“To promote the benefit of Asian women lone parents and their dependents working, living or studying in Greater London or the United Kingdom where appropriate by advancing education and employment and providing facilities in the interests of social welfare or recreation.”


The core values of Asian Women Lone Parents Association cover the following:

  • Respect for the decision of Asian women to divorce or separate without ‘blame’ being attached to them that stigmatises their choices. Belief that women experiencing domestic violence cannot be held accountable for the actions of others which are outside of their control.
  • Belief that these women deserve to have opportunities for personal and emotional support.
  • Belief that Asian women lone parents deserve to have educational and career development opportunities.
  • Belief that Asian women lone parents deserve to be fully informed about the services, facilities, benefits and options which they are entitled to.
  • Belief that these women should live as lone parents should they choose to do so, and to have dignity and self respect, as well as the respect of the intra cultural and wider community.
  • To value the children of lone parent families and treat them as equal to other children.